Wednesday, July 18, 2012

GPS Hiker v1.9.1 is out

1. Add help.
2. Add offline map to the maps in mark detail and mileage.
3. In the Offline Maps screen, display maps in red when they're at the user location.
4. Minor UI tweaking.
5. Fix bug when saving file with the name containing /.
Please note that the bulb icon in the history tab is missing but does not affect the functionality. The bug will be fixed in the next release.


  1. The application is working great and has all the required features. I have two more feature request in offline map function

    1) Add Google map server for Map tile service
    2) Add an option to select the zoom level of offline map to save. It will be great if it can show the number of tiles/map size after selecting the zoom level.

  2. Amal,

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    1) For Google map, it has use limit to 25,000 requests per day per application and this prevents me from doing something for it.
    2) Currently offline map only provides up to 5 zoom levels of details as the download speed to the server is not great and it will take a long time to download map of big size. 5 zoom level is a compromise. Also the zoom level is decided by the size of the map you specify. The bigger the map is, the smaller the zoom level is, ie. lesser detail. Not sure what I will do now but I'll look into it.


  3. Thanks for the reply. I understand your point.
    The reason for request is other map are junk when compared to Google map. I was using another application called MapPocket lite which has an option to save Google Map offline and display the GPS position in the saved offline map. In lite version it dont have option to save map in multiple zoom level but can save map in any single zoom level(i have used from zoom level 6 to 17). This might help

  4. Amal,

    I decide to keep the zoom level range for up to 5 for now as you may get into trouble to download big map from these free sources (who can refuse to serve). I do, however, add the ability to show the zoom level information for map before you save it so you can adjust the map bound accordingly for your desired range.


  5. in 1.9.4, the ability to show real map coverage and number of tiles to be downloaded is added.

  6. 1.9.3 is the coming one and 1.9.4 should be available to download 2 weeks after the release of 1.9.3.