Thursday, April 26, 2012

GPS Hiker v1.6 is out

1. Add support for offline maps (Open Street Map, Open Cycle Map and MapQuest) . Download maps before the trip and use them with or without data network access. 

You can download and use the map in two ways:

a. Create an overlay by specifying which map to be used and the bound of the overlay. Add the overlay to the map after the overlay is created and downloaded.

b. Directly download a trip map for a GPX file. The default type for the trip map is specified in the Config menu. After the trip map is downloaded, just import trip and map together. 

2. Long press at any position on the main map to identify its coordinate even when GPS is off. When GPS is on, the app also reports the distance between the current location and the pressed location on the map. Add a mark for the location if you wish.

3. Bug Fixes (annotation problem after abandoning the trip).

Sunday, April 8, 2012

GPS Hiker v1.5 is out

1. Add ability to take pictures and videos directly from the application.
2. Add ability to email the GPX files.
3. "TweetMark" - long press on the Mark button to tweet your location and photo on Twitter.
4. Add Elevation Profile to Imported Trip
5. Improved Virtual Hike with Elevation Profile.
6. Major UI Tweak.