Thursday, July 5, 2012

GPS Hiker v1.9 is out

Please note that if you cannot launch the application after installing the update, please reinstall the application. This problem is caused by Apple. Sorry for your inconvenience.

New Features:
1. Photo Marks: Photos taken during the trip, when logging is on, will be displayed on the map. Title and description can be added to the photo in the photo viewer. All photos can be seen in the new Photo tab. When you import the saved trip later, the photo information will be imported as well.
2. Photo Upload: Photos taken during the trip can be uploaded to from the application. No PC/Mac required.
3. Interactive Altitude Profile: The interactive altitude profile includes the altitude, distance and travel time (when available) information for the current and imported trips. By changing the observing location and setting the anchor location, you can learn the altitude difference, distance and travel time between two locations. Click on Altitude Profile button to view the profile.
4. Enhanced Mileage Tool: Virtual Hike is renamed as Milage which now includes the mileage information for marks.
5. You can now directly set the bound on map for the offline maps.
6. Photo viewer to display photo with its title, description and EXIF information.

1. Major UI (icon and layout) tweaks.
2. More sorting options for the Marks tab.
3. More display options for the History tab.
4. Reorganize the Advanced Search UI with enhanced features.
5. Reorganize the New Offline Map UI with enhanced features.
6. Upload Trip can now upload photos as well.
7. Add tips to Imported Trip, Marks and Trips tabs.

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