Friday, September 21, 2012

GPS Hiker v2.0 Change Log

New Features:

  1. Long press at the track of imported trip or the trip in the search result to find out the detail of matched track point on the map. The details includes coordinate, altitude,  mileage, duration, altitude gain, altitude loss and address. If current location can be determined on the track, it shows the detail from current location to the touched track location.
  2. Redesigned altitude profile to show more information about mileage and altitude gain / loss.
  3. Enhanced trip analysis to show the detail of track points.
  4. Create account directly in the application.
  5. Support Simplified Chinese.


  1. Continuing UI improvement.
  2. Tap author name to drill down to the list of user's trips in search result.
  3. Multiple point support for current location in trip analysis and altitude profile.
  4. Support online OSM, OCM, MapQuest maps in the trip detail of the search result.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fix iOS 6 bugs.
  2. Fix the bug for being unable to create offline map under French
  3. Fix the bug for being unable to change color for imported track.
  4. Fix the line width inconsistency issue for tracks displayed on map.