Thursday, May 31, 2012

GPS Hiker v1.7.5 is out

New Features: 
1. Upload trip (story & tracks) to (account needed). 
2. View the trip story and thumbnail photos of the selected trip (flick the photo area to see more photos). 
3. View your own trips at (account needed). 
4. Add Map Scale Ruler to the map. 
5. Long-press on the map to search nearby trips and attain the altitude of the touched location. 
6. Search address and use the address to search nearby trips directly. 

Improved Features: 
1. Add thumbnail photo for trips in the search result. 
2. Directly access mark detail on the map (click on the mark for detail). 

Bug Fixes: 
1. Fix the GPX File Import bug if there are fields other than time and elevation in track point.