Monday, August 27, 2012

What's New

    7/1/20 GPS Hiker 5.2 is released

    1. Bug Fixes.
    2. Correct map download issues.
    3. Double taps on location button to enable/disable auto center map.

    11/5/18 GPS Hiker 5.1 is released

    1. Add support for Taiwan Lu Map and Thunder Forest Outdoors Map.
    2. Temporarily remove support for Taiwan Top Map.
    3. Bug Fixes.

    4/9/18 GPS Hiker 5.0 is released

    1. Saved trips now include trip data for filtering.
    2. Saved trips can be filtered by name or main map bound.
    3. Listed trips in Saved Trips can be shown as marks on main map.
    4. Ability to enter coordinate via the DMS format.
    5. Improved user interface.
    6. API key support for open cycle map.
    7. Download trips via QR code.
    8. Fix iOS 11.0 compatibility issues.
    9. Fix issues when location update is not working  under some situations.
    10. Remove support for every trail
    11. Remove support for openquestmap.
    12. Fix map download issue for Taiwan NLSC map.

    2/23/16 GPS Hiker 3.5.2 is released

    1. Support routes in the GPX file.
    2. Fix the camera privilege issue.

    1/14/16 GPS Hiker 3.5.1 is released

    1. Bug fixes (including the fix for GPS track error).
    2. Add new features for mileage and mark arrival notification.
    3. UI improvements in Configuration.

    p.s.: mileage notification is for reference only and not intended to be used for accurate measurement purpose.

    10/9/15 GPS Hiker 3.5 is released

    1. Support iOS 9.0.
    2. Support Taiwan NLSC map.
    3. Increase the maximum depth of zoom level from 5 to 6 for preloaded maps (please update existing preloaded maps to take new change).
    4. Improve flow to create new preloaded map.
    5. Add time zone to the address information.
    6. Receive notification if the app is terminated or GPS logging is paused automatically.
    7. Bug fixes.

    9/26/14 GPS Hiker 3.2 is released

      Support iOS 8.

    2/21/14 GPS Hiker 3.1 is released

    1. Add new feature to plan route save route as GPX file or import route into main map for reference (only available in areas where routing service is provided by Apple).
    2. Add new feature to airdrop GPX files to share with nearby friends.
    3. Support Taiwan Topo offline map.
    4. Minor enhancements.
    5. Bug fixes.

    12/27/13 How to create an offline map

    10/4/13 GPS Hiker 3.0 is released.

    1. Fix critical iOS 7 bugs for not being able to use GPS. 
    2. Support iOS 7. 
    3. Add functionality to import trip in reverse direction. 
    4. Improve POI search. 
    5. GPS Hiker now requires iOS 7 or above.

    5/19/13 GPS Hiker 2.5 is released.

    1. Current trip can be recovered even after crash. 
    2. Improved and more robust following track feature. Real time position update on the elevation profile for imported track. 
    3. Support Local Search (6.1 or above). 
    4. Support POI or Trip sharing (6.0 or above). 
    5. Import online trip without saving it first. 
    6. Add trips to favorites. 
    7. Automatically add marks for photos taken. 
    8. Support pace (min:sec / km, mi). 
    9. Bug fixes.

    11/10/12 GPS Hiker 2.1.1 is released.

    1. Support iPhone 5 / iPod Touch 5 Screen. 
    2. Add Hike Bike Map to the list of offline maps. 
    3. Increase zoom level to 18 for Open Cycle Map. 
    4. Add trip length filter for Advanced Search (iPhone 5 only).

    10/17/12 GPS Hiker V2.1 is released.

    1. Add the ability to follow the track of imported trip to assist your navigation. 
    2. Add the ability to locate nearby trips. 
    3. Add altitude profile to main map for imported trip. 
    4. No limit on the number of search results. 
    5. Numerous enhancements. 
    6. Bug fixes. 


    "Follow Track" is not intended for precise navigation. Please use it with good judgement and at user's own risk.

    9/26/12 Having problem after upgrading to iOS 6?

    If you encountered the closing problem for GPS Hiker after upgrading to iOS, especially on older iPhones or iPod Touch4, this is probably due to iOS 6 might use more memory than iOS 5 or have more strict policy on memory usage for applications. It will kick out applications randomly if it thinks they use too much memory when the system is low on memory. The workaround is to close unused applications as many as possible. It will give GPS Hiker more memory to run and reduce the opportunity being kicked out by iOS. Newer version will try to address the issue. To close unused applications, double click on the Home button and long-press at the application icon in the task bar to close the application.

    9/20/12 GPS Hiker v2.0 is released.

    1. iOS 6.0 bug fixes. 
    2. Support Simplified Chinese. 
    3. Enhanced track navigation functionalities (long-press at the track to get track navigation information). 
    4. Enhanced altitude profile. 
    5. Enhanced trip analysis. 
    6. Bug fix for being unable to download offline maps in French. 
    7. Create EveryTrail account in the application. 
    8. Support online maps (Open Street Map, Open Cycle Maps, MapQuest OSM) in the trip detail.
    Change Log for GPS Hiker v2.0

    9/3/12 Crash bug found if changing color for imported track.

    A crash bug was found. The application crashes if changing color for imported track in the configuration. It is fixed and will be delivered in the next release. Sorry for your inconvenience.

    8/30/12 GPS Hiker v1.9.4 is released.

    1. Continuing UI improvement.
    2. Add Sunrise / Sunset to the Current Trip screen.
    3. Add coordinate conversion to the Current Trip screen.
    4. Add ability to auto load map for trip in the Saved Trip screen.
    5. Remove Download Trip Map option from the Saved Trips screen. You need to go to the Offline Maps screen to create and download map instead.
    6. Show actual map area to download for Open Street Map, Open Cycle Map and MapQuest.
    7. Add new coordinates: TWD67-TM2, TWD97-TM2.
    8. Bug fixes and iOS 6 compatibility fixes.
    9. Move Help under the new More menu.

    8/27/12 Problem to download GPX file for trip?

    If you have problem to download GPX files from the application for some trips, the workaround is to go to to download GPX file for those trips (account needed) and go back to the application to re-download. The reason is that EveryTrail has problem to keep some of GPX files in sync with the files on remote file server (where GPS Hiker is accessing). Doing so will force the file to be in sync. The bug has been reported to

    8/26/12 Problem to download offline map?

    If you have problem to download offline maps with non-US region setting, I just want to let you know that it is fixed. I just found out the bug in one of the negative review from France. The fix will be delivered in 1.9.5 (probably 2-3 weeks later due to Apple's review policy). The next release 1.9.4 (currently under review) should be out next week. Thanks for your patience.

    8/15/12 GPS Hiker v1.9.3 is released.

    1. Minor UI tweaking. 
    2. Add distance information in the addresses search result. 
    3. Add zoom level information for map tiles. 
    4. Add Traditional Chinese support. 
    5. Bug fixes.


    1. This app works like a champ. Many thanks and hat's off to the author. I use it while driving work locations and marking my field stops. Easy to use. Then just email the track back to the office. Great for consultant billing records.
      Thanks again.

    2. This is the satellite age, and nations the world over send their satellites into space for regular citizen and military purposes. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite route framework. It has several regular citizen clients over the world, however is produced and kept up by the US Department of Defense.

    3. 您好,我的手機是i6s,版本為 12.1.2, 打開app後 "照相 " 和 "匯入"的 圖示按鈕消失了。app 刪除後重新安裝也無法.....,想透過已下載之登山客app內之問題回報,卻顯示 〝注意無法撰寫郵件,請檢查您的郵件設定〞,但此手機的郵件收發都正常,請問是什麼問題呢?

    4. GPS Hiker is the best app ***** It totally does not need wifi/data. Very useful when hiking in remote outdoors. I use it to record my hikes. It has details on distance, time, elevation, pace. GPS signal is stable. App is user friendly and recorded track can be saved and exported in gpx format. Trekking friends are keen to install but it's no longer in App Store?? Message says it is no longer available in my country - Singapore.