Thursday, April 26, 2012

GPS Hiker v1.6 is out

1. Add support for offline maps (Open Street Map, Open Cycle Map and MapQuest) . Download maps before the trip and use them with or without data network access. 

You can download and use the map in two ways:

a. Create an overlay by specifying which map to be used and the bound of the overlay. Add the overlay to the map after the overlay is created and downloaded.

b. Directly download a trip map for a GPX file. The default type for the trip map is specified in the Config menu. After the trip map is downloaded, just import trip and map together. 

2. Long press at any position on the main map to identify its coordinate even when GPS is off. When GPS is on, the app also reports the distance between the current location and the pressed location on the map. Add a mark for the location if you wish.

3. Bug Fixes (annotation problem after abandoning the trip).


  1. Wow !! Right out of the box on the first try. I got it installed on the iPhone and made a track with waypoints on my 7-11 run. Used the email export of the GPX and uploaded to EveryTrail.

    This is much more than just a hiker's tool. Know where the kids or the route salesman went and at what speed.

    Good work, Jason!! Thanks.

  2. Dave,

    Thanks for your feedback. In v1.7, which should be released next week, you can search trips of from the application and download the gpx files directly. The ability to upload the gpx file to is in my to-do list as well.



  3. Cannot figure out how to delete a completed trip from the device. The iTunes delete is greyed-out. I am really not familiar with iTunes. (Sad but true)

  4. Oops!! My problem. The delete_right key got rid of the test tracks.

    Now, for the positive comments. This works great as a vehicle tracking device around town. Downloaded the GPX data and uploaded file to EveryTrail. All of the pieces worked on the first try, which is utterly amazing for a GPS device!! I also used the software Phone-to-Mac so I could really see where the files were stored on the iPhone. Overall, great software. Looking forward to a choice that lets me log based on distance traveled. But this really is the best of the bunch, as is.

  5. Dave,

    You can delete a GPX file on iPhone directly by right-swiping that file under the GPX Files tab. A delete button will show up and click on it to delete the file. Touch the other part of the screen to cancel the deletion.